A Chronology of New Testament Books


Date Book Author Place Audience
43-58 James James, brother of Jesus Jerusalem Jewish Christians
49-52 Galatians Paul Antioch of Syria Christians in Galatia
50-53 1 Thessalonians Paul Corinth Thessalonian Christians
50-54 2 Thessalonians Paul Corinth Thessalonian Christians
56 1 Corinthians Paul Ephesus Corinthian Christians
57 2 Corinthians Paul Macedonia Corinthian Christians
58 Romans Paul Corinth Roman Christians
50-70 Mark John Mark Rome Romans


Ephesians Paul Rome Ephesian Christians
60/62 Philemon Paul Rome Philemon (of Colosse)
60/62 Colossians Paul Rome Colossian Christians
60/61 Luke Luke Rome Theopolis & Other Gentiles
61/62 Acts Luke Rome Christians & Gentiles
62 Philippians Paul Rome Philippian Christians
62 1 Timothy Paul Macedonia Timothy (in Ephesus)
62 Titus Paul Nicopolis Titus (in Crete)
63 2 Timothy Paul Rome Timothy (in Ephesus)
63 1 Peter Peter Rome Christians in Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia and Bithynia
63/64 2 Peter Peter Rome Christians
64/70 Matthew Matthew Antioch of Syria Jews (in Palestine)
64/66 Hebrews Unidentified Unknown Jewish Christians
65/66 Jude Jude, brother of Jesus Jersualem Christians
85/90 John John Ephesus Jews & Jewish Christians
85/90 1 John John Ephesus  
85/90 1 John John Ephesus  
85/90 2 John John Ephesus  
85/90 3 John John Ephesus Gaius
96 Revelation John Patmos 7 Churches of Asia

Notes: The dates of writing, places of writing, and audience is disputed among scholars.

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